Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

          When it comes to privacy, we at believe it to be of paramount importance. This is especially true, when you shop for products that are of an intensely personal nature. It is this belief, coupled with our desire to help you keep the spark of love kindled that has led to the creation of India’s first and most discreet website for the purchase of personal products. really appreciates your trust you put in us when you make a purchase from us and register with us. We seriously take privacy of your personal information into consideration and always keep your order information, history and other data strictly private. Desire world or any associates will never misuse your Personal Details. Personal information refers to information that relates to a person, when directly or indirectly combined with other information can lead to identify that person.

All the customers’ data is guarded well for discretion, We provide door to door delivery of products at your doorsteps and never reveal it to someone. The product to be delivered is always packed discreetly in a box and Only your Name, Address, Phone number, COD amount mentioned on the parcel.

Simple. Discreet. Convenient. These aren’t just words to us.